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Need-For-Power Motor Co., Ltd is a DC motor & gear motor manufacture, including gear motors, vibration motors, and dc motors. These motors find applications across a wide range of industries, from automobiles to household appliances, power tools, personal care, automated machinery, and even toys. Our aim is to develop a comprehensive online platform that caters to mini DC motors, minute vibration motors, and their associated accessories. This platform will be designed to serve businesses and individuals of various expertise levels. At NFP, our customer-centric approach has always been our cornerstone. We’re recognized in over 30 countries for delivering high-caliber motors at affordable rates coupled with outstanding customer support. We envision our platform as a space where small and medium businesses, enthusiasts, and DIYers can access tailor-made motors and competitive pricing, bridging the gap between large-scale factories and individual requirements.”


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NFP-Motor provides end-to-end motor design and customized solutions and services.

We will provide you with motor prices that are superior to the market and services that will satisfy you.


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RS-550 Brushed DC Motor Using In Tormada®

RS-550 Brushed DC Motor Using In Tormada®

Model NFP-RS-550A-05160 NFP-RS-550A-5704 NFP-RS-550A-1257 NFP-RS-550A-01153 Voltage Range 12V – 24V 6V – 12V 4.8V – 12V 6V – 24V Nominal Voltage 12V 12V 7.2V 12V No-load Speed 3,400RPM 7,250RPM 14,500RPM 4,500RPM No-load Current 0.16A 0.38A 1.50A 0.15A Max Efficiency...

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