6mm Planetary Gear Motor Using In BPM Connect Displays

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Motor model: NFP-609-136-0675
Rated voltage: 3V DC
Start voltage: ≤1V DC
No – load current: 60mA Max
Stall current: ≤230mA
Output speed: 242 ± 5rpm
Work torque: ≤120g.cm
Ratio: 136.02
No-load noise: <48db


6mm Planetary Gear Motor Using In BPM Connect Displays

BPM Connect displays have revolutionized the healthcare industry by providing accurate and convenient blood pressure monitoring. To further improve the user experience, 6mm planetary gear motors have been integrated into these devices. These compact and efficient motors offer enhanced functionality and reliability.

1. Precise Movement Control:

The integration of 6mm planetary gear motors in BPM Connect displays allows for precise movement control. These motors provide accurate and smooth rotation, ensuring the display arm moves seamlessly during operation. This precision is crucial for maintaining accurate readings and user-friendly interactions.

2. Compact and Space-Efficient:

With a compact form factor, 6mm planetary gear motors are ideal for applications where space is limited, such as BPM Connect displays. These motors can be easily integrated into the device’s design without adding bulk, ensuring a sleek and portable product.

3. Low Noise and Vibration:

The planetary gear design of these motors helps reduce noise and vibration levels during operation. This is particularly important in healthcare settings where a quiet and calm environment is crucial for accurate blood pressure measurements. The low noise and vibration levels enhance user comfort and overall device performance.

4. Reliable and Long-Lasting:

6mm planetary gear motors are known for their durability and longevity. These motors are designed to withstand continuous operation, making them highly reliable for the demanding requirements of BPM Connect displays. Their robust construction ensures consistent performance, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance or replacements.

5. Energy Efficiency:

Efficient energy consumption is a key consideration in medical devices. 6mm planetary gear motors are designed to be energy-efficient, optimizing power usage without compromising performance. This ensures extended battery life for BPM Connect displays, allowing for prolonged usage and reducing the need for frequent recharging.

The integration of 6mm planetary gear motors in BPM Connect displays enhances functionality, reliability, and overall user experience. With their precise movement control, compact size, low noise and vibration levels, reliability, and energy efficiency, these motors contribute to the accurate and convenient blood pressure monitoring provided by BPM Connect displays. Their incorporation ensures smooth operation, durability, and long-lasting performance, making them an essential component in these revolutionary healthcare devices.

Where can i get more idea about 6mm planetary gear motor ?

NFP-Motor provides all types of gear motors with stable performance, strong power and long service time.

6mm planetary motor with small size and easy to integrate into a variety of applications

All the motors are just 6 millimeters in diameter, narrower than a pencil

The planetary gears which is driven by the motor are mounted on a rotating platform

There are 1-4 stages of gears for each type & have 20 kinds of torques options

The 6mm planetary gear motor is a small and powerful motor with a compact size of 6mm. It features a planetary gear mechanism, which provides high torque output and precise control. The motor is commonly used in applications that require compactness and high performance, such as robotics, automation, and miniature devices. Its small size and efficient design make it a popular choice for various industries.


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