Linear Vibration Motor Using In Pos Machine To Provide Vibration Feedback Function

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Motor model: NFP- ELV0832B 205Hz Type
LRA diameter: Φ8±0.1 mm
LRA thickness: 3.25±0.05 mm
Weight: 1.00±0.1 Gram
Resistance: 22.5±10% Ω
Rated current: Max. 90 mArms Input Source: F0, 1.8Vrms AC, sine wave
Vibration acceleration: 1.2-1.5 Grms Input Source: F0, 1.8Vrms AC, sine wave, 100g dummy JIG
Operating Frequency: 205 ± 5 Hz
Rising time: Max. 50 msec, From 0 to 50% of nominal vibration @ 1.8Vrms,205Hz
Falling time: Max. 80 msec; From 100% to 50% of nominal vibration @ 1.8Vrms,205Hz
Mechanical noise: Max. 50 dB(A); 10cm distance from microphone, Input Source : 205Hz, 1.8Vrms AC, sine wave
Insulation resistance: Min. 10 M?; 100V DC input, between Case and Lead Wire
Life test: Operating at rated input voltage (1.8Vrms AC, Sinewave), input frequency (205Hz) for 200,000cycle, on(2sec)/off(1sec).
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Linear Vibration Motor Using In POS Machine To Provide Vibration Feedback Function

Point of Sale (POS) machines have become an integral part of modern commerce, facilitating seamless transactions. To further enhance user experience and interaction, the integration of linear vibration motors has emerged as a popular solution. These compact and versatile devices offer tactile feedback, improving the overall usability of POS machines.Learn more…

1. Improved User Experience:

By incorporating linear vibration motors into POS machines, users can experience tactile feedback during various interactions. For instance, when a button is pressed or a transaction is completed, the motor can provide a subtle vibration, confirming the action and providing a sense of satisfaction. This feedback enhances user confidence and reduces the chances of erroneous inputs.

2. Haptic Feedback for Transaction Confirmation:

Linear vibration motors can be utilized to provide haptic feedback for transaction confirmation. After a successful transaction, the motor can generate a distinct vibration pattern, signaling to the user that the payment has been processed. This tactile confirmation adds an extra layer of assurance, reducing any doubts or concerns the user may have.

3. Alert Systems:

Linear vibration motors in POS machines can also serve as alert systems. For instance, when a transaction fails or an error occurs, the motor can generate a specific vibration pattern to grab the user’s attention. This enables prompt troubleshooting, ensuring that issues are addressed swiftly and efficiently.

4. Customizable Vibration Patterns:

Linear vibration motors offer the advantage of customizable vibration patterns. POS machine manufacturers can program specific vibration sequences to convey different messages or notifications. This flexibility allows for a personalized user experience and enables the POS machine to communicate effectively with the user through tactile feedback.

5. Compact and Reliable:

Linear vibration motors are compact in size, making them easy to integrate into the design of POS machines without adding bulk. Additionally, they are known for their durability and reliability, ensuring consistent performance even in high-demand environments.


The integration of linear vibration motors in POS machines has revolutionized the user experience by providing tactile feedback, enhancing usability, and improving transaction confidence. With their compact size and customizable vibration patterns, these motors have become an essential component in modern POS systems, offering a seamless and engaging interaction between users and machines.

Where can i get more idea about linear vibration motor ?

A linear vibration motor is a compact device that produces vibrations in a linear direction. It is commonly used in applications such as haptic feedback, alert systems, and enhancing user experience in various devices and machines.

Manufacturer Websites: Explore websites of companies specializing in linear vibration motors for detailed product information and applications.

Online Retailers: Check out online retailers offering linear vibration motors for customer reviews and specifications.

Engineering and Electronics Forums: Participate in online forums to gain insights from professionals and enthusiasts.

Technical Documentation: Access datasheets and technical documents provided by manufacturers for in-depth information.

The linear vibration motor is a versatile and compact device that generates vibrations in a linear direction. It finds applications in various fields such as haptic feedback, alert systems, and enhancing user experience. By exploring manufacturer websites, online retailers, forums, technical documentation, and research papers, one can gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities and potential applications of linear vibration motors.


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