10mm Enclosed Vibration Motor Metal Cover − 26mm Type Model NFP-E1015

10mm Enclosed Vibration Motor Metal Cover − 26mm Type Model NFP-E1015


10mm Waterproof DC Motor Small Volume Price (USD $)

1+ $6.50
10+ $6.00
50+ $5.50
100+ $5.00
500+ $2.50

Contact us for a quotation for production quantities, customizations and integration. Custom wire length or with JST/ Molex connectors.


Encapsulated Vibration Motors Performance

  • This waterproof dc motor's other part number: 304-116, 307-103, 307-103.002, 307-103.004, 307-103.005, 307-103.007, 307-105.003.
  • You can order development samples from this product page, and for engineering & manufacturing you can contact one of our Sales Engineers for a quotation for production and consultation for customization and integration services by the below form.
  • NFP-Motor can add a thick rubber or neoprene encapsulation to the motor, T=0.25mm thick, T=1mm thick... That means motor's diameter will be Φ11.5mm, Φ12mm or according to your needs. Contact us! If you want to feel the vibration amplitude of this vibratory motor, you can watch the following video: Why Is Vibration Amplitude In G?
Motor Model NFP-E1015
Wire Length 100mm or 110mm with Molex 1.25P
Rated Voltage 3.7 V DC
Rated Current 450mA max
Rated Speed 9,500 ± 2,000 rpm
Shaft End Play 0.05 − 0.30mm
Unmarked Tolerance ±0.1mm
Typical Norm. Amplitude 10G


Waterproof Vibration Motor Outline Drawing

3.7v vibration motor NFP-E1015 inside a blue plastic capsule which make it waterproof. Prevent liquid from entering. Small size with powerful vibration force "7G".
Two options: 1. Encapsulated vibration motor with 100mm wire length  2. Encapsulated waterproof vibrating motor with 110mm wire length and connector Molex 51021-0200 1.25mm(0.049’’) Pitch.

Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor Performance Curve


Enclosed Vibration Motor Factory Mass Production

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