12mm BLDC Vibration Motor – 15mm Type Model NFP-1215-912-101

12mm BLDC Vibration Motor – 15mm Type Model NFP-1215-912-101


Φ12mm BLDC Vibration Motor Small Volume Price (USD)

1+ $27.50
10+ $26.50
50+ $24.00
100+ $22.50
500+ $13.40
1,000+ $11.20

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30G Amplitude 1215 BLDC Vibration 5V DC Motor Data Sheet

Long lifetime 12mm diameter brushless vibration motor, super big amplitude. 5V ERM vibration motor works request a driver, such as the driver M10-400. This brushless vibration motor greatly improve lifetime cycle when comparing with brushed type vibration motors.

Motor Model NFP-1215-912-101
Motor Diameter 12mm
Motor Length 15mm
Rated Voltage 5.0V DC
No. of Phase 3 phase
KV Value 3,600rpm
Rated Load Tungsten steel vibrator R5.7*5mm
Voltage Range 4.9V – 6.5V DC
Temperature Range -10℃ – 50℃
Rated Speed 12,000rpm ± 15%
Rated Current 380mA
Stall Current 850mA Max
Starting Voltage 4.9V Max
Terminal Resistance 6.5Ω ± 15%
Vibration Amplitude 30G


12mm Brushless Vibration Motor 15mm Type Outline Drawing

The internal construction of 912-101 get rid of the main source of faliure (precious metal brushes against the commutator). This kind of brushless vibrating motor generates vibration with the same way as other eccentric rotating mass vibrator.


BLDC Motor Without Eccentric Rotating Mass Working Performance Curve

12mm Brushless Vibration Motor Mass Production

Low start voltage has a compact dimension and an amazing high vibration amplitude. Which is a good point for heavy-duty applications. Such as project requests long life cycle. It have a bigger vibration force, almost twice strength then previous similar dimension ERMs.


How To Test The BLDC Vibration Motors?

For this small vibration motor is not a common brush type, it's a brushless vibration motor that has long lifetime over one thousand hours lifetime.


massager bed, vibration table, aiding the flow of materials through a chute, agitating liquids and emulsifiers, or helping sort pills / components on a production line, mechanical aid field.

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