12mm Gear Motor − 24mm Type Model NFP-JGA12-N20-EN

12mm Gear Motor − 24mm Type Model NFP-JGA12-N20-EN


N20 DC Metal Gearbox Motor Small Volume Price (USD)

1+ $18.00
100+ $6.50
1000+ $4.20

Contact us for a quotation for production quantities, customizations and integration.

Micro Metal Gearbox DC Motor Parameters

The motor is forbidden to be locked. All-metal gears, super torque, super long life, stable output, wear resistance, not easy to large teeth, high temperature resistance, low speed and big torque, support brake control, forward and reverse switching.

Motor Model NFP-JGA12-N20-EN
Rotation CW & CCW
Rated Voltage 3V DC / 6V DC / 12V DC
No-load Speed 7.5rpm – 6,000rpm
Output Power 0.2W – 2.4W
Output Shaft Diameter Φ3mm x L10mm
No-load Current 0.017A – 0.035A


Model: NFP-JGA12-N20-EN-0375, 3V DC, 7,500RPM, 0.2W

Ratio No Load Rated Load Stall
i : 1 Speed Current Speed Current Torque Torque Current
5 1500 rpm 0.017A 1154 rpm 0.06A 3.75g.cm 11g.cm 0.7A
10 750 rpm 0.017A 577 rpm 0.06A 7.5g.cm 23g.cm 0.7A
20 375 rpm 0.017A 288 rpm 0.06A 15g.cm 46g.cm 0.7A
30 250 rpm 0.017A 192 rpm 0.06A 22.5g.cm 68g.cm 0.7A
50 150 rpm 0.017A 115 rpm 0.06A 37.5g.cm 114g.cm 0.7A
100 75 rpm 0.017A 57 rpm 0.06A 67.5g.cm 195g.cm 0.7A
150 50 rpm 0.017A 38 rpm 0.06A 100g.cm 293g.cm 0.7A
210 35.5 rpm 0.017A 27 rpm 0.06A 140g.cm 408g.cm 0.7A
298 25 rpm 0.017A 19 rpm 0.06A 200g.cm 580g.cm 0.7A
380 19.5 rpm 0.017A 15 rpm 0.06A 256.5g.cm 740g.cm 0.7A
1000 7.5 rpm 0.017A 5 rpm 0.06A 500g.cm 1500g.cm 0.7A


Model: NFP-JGA12-N20-EN-06150, 6V DC, 15,000RPM, 0.7W

Ratio No Load Rated Load Stall
i : 1 Speed Current Speed Current Torque Torque Current
5 3000 rpm 0.022A 2308 rpm 0.12A 7.5g.cm 23g.cm 0.15A
10 1500 rpm 0.022A 1154 rpm 0.12A 15g.cm 46g.cm 0.15A
20 750 rpm 0.022A 577 rpm 0.12A 30g.cm 91g.cm 0.15A
30 500 rpm 0.022A 384 rpm 0.12A 45g.cm 135g.cm 0.15A
50 300 rpm 0.022A 231 rpm 0.12A 75g.cm 228g.cm 0.15A
100 150 rpm 0.022A 115 rpm 0.12A 135g.cm 390g.cm 0.15A
150 100 rpm 0.022A 77 rpm 0.12A 200g.cm 585g.cm 0.15A
210 71 rpm 0.022A 55 rpm 0.12A 280g.cm 815g.cm 0.15A
298 50 rpm 0.022A 39 rpm 0.12A 400g.cm 1160g.cm 0.15A
380 39 rpm 0.022A 30 rpm 0.12A 513g.cm 1480g.cm 0.15A
1000 15 rpm 0.022A 11 rpm 0.12A 1000g.cm 3000g.cm 0.15A


Model: NFP-JGA12-N20-EN-12300, 12V DC, 30,000RPM, 2.4W

Ratio No Load Rated Load Stall
i : 1 Speed Current Speed Current Torque Torque Current
5 6000 rpm 0.035A 4616 rpm 0.2A 15g.cm 45g.cm 0.3A
10 3000 rpm 0.035A 2308 rpm 0.2A 30g.cm 91g.cm 0.3A
20 1500 rpm 0.035A 1154 rpm 0.2A 60g.cm 182g.cm 0.3A
30 1000 rpm 0.035A 768 rpm 0.2A 90g.cm 270g.cm 0.3A
50 600 rpm 0.035A 462 rpm 0.2A 150g.cm 455g.cm 0.3A
100 300 rpm 0.035A 230 rpm 0.2A 270g.cm 780g.cm 0.3A
150 200 rpm 0.035A 154 rpm 0.2A 400g.cm 1170g.cm 0.3A
210 142 rpm 0.035A 110 rpm 0.2A 560g.cm 1630g.cm 0.3A
298 100 rpm 0.035A 78 rpm 0.2A 800g.cm 2320g.cm 0.3A
380 78 rpm 0.035A 60 rpm 0.2A 1026g.cm 2960g.cm 0.3A
1000 30 rpm 0.035A 22 rpm 0.2A 2000g.cm 6000g.cm 0.3A


Small DC Motor With Gearbox Outline Drawing

Electric gear box motor usually use in small locks, toys, adult products, shared power bank, label printer, barcode printer, robots, security monitoring facilities, medical equipment, intelligent switch, steam hair straightener (water jet straight hair outlet), intelligent wear, intelligent machine 3d printing equipment products, curling device, safe, electric screwdriver, display frame, etc.

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Additional information


3V DC, 6V DC, 12V DC


30RPM, 39RPM, 50 RPM, 71 RPM, 78 RPM, 100 RPM, 142 RPM, 150 RPM, 200 RPM, 300 RPM, 500 RPM, 600 RPM, 1,000 RPM, 1,500 RPM, 3,000 RPM


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