12mm Small Vibration Motor – 15mm Type Model NFP-N20VAZ-10170

12mm Small Vibration Motor – 15mm Type Model NFP-N20VAZ-10170


Φ12mm N20 Vibration Motor Small Volume Price (USD)

1+ $3.00
100+ $0.99
1000+ $0.85

Contact us for a quotation for production quantities, customizations and integration.


Φ12mm N20 Vibration Motor Performance

NFP-N20VAZ-10170 Motor with an eccentric rotating mass, small dimensions, strong vibration force.

Motor Model NFP-N20VAZ-10170
Motor Diameter Φ12.0mm
Motor Body Length 15.1mm
Ecc. Weight Radius R 5.8mm
Ecc. Weight Length L 4.8mm
Nominal Voltage 3.7V DC
Rated Speed 7,500 ± 10%rpm
Rated Current 100mA max
Typical Normal Amplitude 7.8G


3.7V DC Vibration Motor Outline Drawing

Factory production and direct sales, no middlemen, mass production at favorable prices.


Available in Eccentric Mass sizes:
R - 6.0mm x L - 4.8mm
R - 5.5mm x L - 4.8mm
R - 5.0mm x L - 4.8mm
R - 4.5mm x L - 4.8mm
R - 5.8mm x L - 3.6mm
R - 5.5mm x L - 3.6mm

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