12mm Small Vibration Motor – 15mm Type Model NFP-N20VAZ-10170

12mm Small Vibration Motor – 15mm Type Model NFP-N20VAZ-10170


Φ12mm N20 Vibration Motor Small Volume Price (USD)

1+ $3.00
100+ $0.99
1000+ $0.85

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Φ12mm N20 Vibration Motor Performance

N20 DC Motor with an eccentric rotating mass, small dimensions, strong vibration force.

Motor Model NFP-N20VAZ-10170
Motor Diameter Φ12.0mm
Motor Body Length 15.1mm
Ecc. Weight Radius R 5.8mm
Ecc. Weight Length L 4.8mm
Nominal Voltage 3.7V DC
Rated Speed 7,500 ± 10%rpm
Rated Current 100mA max
Typical Normal Amplitude 7.8G


3.7V DC Vibration Motor Outline Drawing


Available in Eccentric Mass sizes:
R - 6.0mm x L - 4.8mm
R - 5.5mm x L - 4.8mm
R - 5.0mm x L - 4.8mm
R - 4.5mm x L - 4.8mm
R - 5.8mm x L - 3.6mm
R - 5.5mm x L - 3.6mm

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