14mm Brushless Gear Motor NFP-14GM1000-1215-10D

14mm Brushless Gear Motor NFP-14GM1000-1215-10D


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Micro Brushless DC Gear Motor Parameters

1000:1 high torque dc gear motor stocks.
Single Motor Datasheet

Motor Model NFP-BLDC-1215
Rotation CW
Rated Voltage 5V DC
Starting Voltage 3.5V DC
No-load Speed 17,400rpm
No-load Current 117mA
Load 2g.cm
Load Speed 14,020rpm
Load Current 253mA
Endplay 0.15mm
Starting Torque 10.3g.cm
Stall Current 750mA
Shaft Output Length 2.4mm


Gearmotor Datasheet

Motor Model NFP-14GM1000-1215-10D
Rotation CCW
Rated Voltage 5V DC
No-load Speed 17.5rpm
No-load Current 123mA
Ratio 1000:1


Miniature Brushless Gear Motor Outline Drawing

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