15mm Micro Stepper Motor – 9mm Type Model NFP-15BY

15mm Micro Stepper Motor – 9mm Type Model NFP-15BY


Notice: this motor model need to make new ones that would take extra 1-2weeks.

Contact us for a quotation for production quantities, customizations and integration.

DC 5V Micro Stepping Motor Description

NFP-15BY micro stepper motor used for smart selfie stick, smart camera gimbal, smart robot camera corner, smart micro robot, etc.
5V DC, 90mm wire length, 4 wires, 2 phase, 18degree angle.

Motor Model No. NFP-15BY-A NFP-15BY-B NFP-15BY-C
Step Angle 18 Degree 18 Degree 18 Degree
Voltage 5V DC 5V DC 5V DC
Resistance 10 20 30
Phase 2 2 2
Drive Mode Bipolar Bipolar Bipolar
Max. Starting Frequency 1200pps 900pps 800pps
Max. Slew Speed 1600pps 1150pps 950pps


5V Micro Stepper Motor Outline Drawing


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Additional information

Quantity & Model

10pcs X NFP-15BY-A, 10pcs X NFP-15BY-B, 10pcs X NFP-15BY-C


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