24mm Brushless DC Gear Motor Model NFP-GA24Y-2418

24mm Brushless DC Gear Motor Model NFP-GA24Y-2418


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Small Brushless Planetary Gear Motor Datasheet

Motor Model NFP-GA24Y-2418
Rotation CW & CCW
Rated Voltage 12V DC / 24V DC
No-load Speed 9rpm – 2,250rpm
Rated Torque 0.08 – 15Kg.cm
Output Shaft Diameter 4mm & 6mm
No-load Current 0.06A – 0.1A
Out Power 2.2W / 4.8W
Weight Appr. 135–150g


Model: NFP-GA24Y-2418-1245, 12V DC, 4,500RPM, 2.2W, 150g

Ratio No Load Rated Load Stall
i : 1 Speed Current Speed Current Torque Torque Current
4 1125 rpm 0.06A 950 rpm 0.18A 0.08kg.cm 0.3kg.cm 0.35A
16 281 rpm 0.06A 237 rpm 0.18A 0.3kg.cm 1kg.cm 0.35A
25 180 rpm 0.06A 152 rpm 0.18A 0.4kg.cm 1.5kg.cm 0.35A
64 70 rpm 0.06A 59 rpm 0.18A 1.2kg.cm 4kg.cm 0.35A
88 51 rpm 0.06A 43 rpm 0.18A 1.5kg.cm 5.5kg.cm 0.35A
110 41 rpm 0.06A 34 rpm 0.18A 2kg.cm 7kg.cm 0.35A
138 32.5 rpm 0.06A 27 rpm 0.18A 2.5kg.cm 9kg.cm 0.35A
256 17.5 rpm 0.06A 15 rpm 0.18A 5kg.cm 16kg.cm 0.35A
320 14 rpm 0.06A 12 rpm 0.18A 6kg.cm 18kg.cm 0.35A
400 11 rpm 0.06A 9.5 rpm 0.18A 7kg.cm 22kg.cm 0.35A
500 9 rpm 0.06A 7.5 rpm 0.18A 9kg.cm 28kg.cm 0.35A


Model: NFP-GA24Y-2418-2490, 24V DC, 9,000RPM, 4.8W, 150g

Ratio No Load Rated Load Stall
i : 1 Speed Current Speed Current Torque Torque Current
4 2250 rpm 0.1A 1900 rpm 0.2A 0.15kg.cm 0.5kg.cm 0.86A
16 562 rpm 0.1A 475 rpm 0.2A 0.5kg.cm 1.8kg.cm 0.86A
25 360 rpm 0.1A 304 rpm 0.2A 0.8kg.cm 2.5kg.cm 0.86A
64 140 rpm 0.1A 119 rpm 0.2A 2kg.cm 7kg.cm 0.86A
88 102 rpm 0.1A 86 rpm 0.2A 2.5kg.cm 10kg.cm 0.86A
110 82 rpm 0.1A 69 rpm 0.2A 3kg.cm 12kg.cm 0.86A
138 65 rpm 0.1A 55 rpm 0.2A 4kg.cm 15kg.cm 0.86A
256 35 rpm 0.1A 30 rpm 0.2A 8kg.cm 29kg.cm 0.86A
320 28 rpm 0.1A 24 rpm 0.2A 10kg.cm 36kg.cm 0.86A
400 22.5 rpm 0.1A 19 rpm 0.2A 12kg.cm 45kg.cm 0.86A
500 18 rpm 0.1A 15 rpm 0.2A 15kg.cm 56kg.cm 0.86A


Brushless DC Planetary Gear Motor Outline Drawing

  • Black wire: motor negative
  • Red wire: motor positive
  • Yellow wire: FFG signal output (for external equipment to detect the motor speed, the motor rotates a circle to output an 18 square wave pulse).
  • Orange wire: Motor forward and reverse control: when the port is not connected, the motor is CCW, and the port is connected to a low level (≤0.6V), the motor is CW.
  • White wire: Speed regulation control: Reverse speed regulation through PWM mode; connect to the negative pole of the power supply at full speed.
  • Note: The white, and yellow wires of the motor can be connected to a 3.3V-5V power supply, but not to a 12-24V power supply, otherwise the motor will burn out.

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Additional information

Voltage & Speed

12V DC, 9RPM, 12V DC, 11RPM, 12V DC, 14RPM, 12V DC, 17.5RPM, 12V DC, 32.5RPM, 12V DC, 41RPM, 12V DC, 51RPM, 12V DC, 70RPM, 12V DC, 180RPM, 12V DC, 281RPM, 12V DC, 1125RPM, 24V DC, 18RPM, 24V DC, 22.5RPM, 24V DC, 28RPM, 24V DC, 35RPM, 24V DC, 65RPM, 24V DC, 82RPM, 24V DC, 102RPM, 24V DC, 140RPM, 24V DC, 360RPM, 24V DC, 562RPM, 24V DC, 2250RPM


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