24mm Small Vibration Motor – 30mm Type Model NFP-F280V

24mm Small Vibration Motor – 30mm Type Model NFP-F280V


ERM 12V DC Vibration Motor Small Volume Price (USD)

1+ $5.00
10+ $4.00
50+ $3.59
100+ $2.99
500+ $1.49

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Small 12V DC Vibration Motor Parameters

  • Heavy duty vibration motor that operates at 12 VDC, currently use this motor to power a directional feeder that throws fish food.
  • The feeder design requires significant vibration to force the fish food from the hopper down to the spin plate.
  • Features an offset brass weight mounted on shaft ( 5/8” diameter ) .069: ½ moon brass flywheel.
Motor Model NFP-F280V
Voltage 12V DC
Motor Diameter 24mm
Flat Thickness 18mm
Body Length 30.6mm
No-load Speed 3,000 RPM
No-load Current 270mA
Ecc. Weight Radius 8.5mm
Ecc. Weight Length 7mm


12 Volt Vibrating Motor Outline Drawing


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