24mm Vibration Motor – 30mm Type Model NFP-SH370-FS

24mm Vibration Motor – 30mm Type Model NFP-SH370-FS


370 ERM 12V Vibration Motor Small Volume Price (USD)

1+ $4.50
10+ $3.50
50+ $2.50
100+ $1.80
500+ $1.40

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Φ24mm Big ERM Vibrating Motor Performance

Model NFP-SH370-FS delivers powerful, consistent vibrations ideal for industrial use.

Motor Model NFP-SH370-FS
Motor Diameter 24.3mm
Motor Body Length 30.8mm
Motor With Eccentric Mass Length 42.8mm
Rated Voltage Options 6V DC / 12V DC / 24V DC
Rated Speed 6,000RPM
Eccentric Mass Shape Single Iron Fan Shape Head


Powerful Vibration Motor Dimensions

With a total length of 42.8mm and an outer diameter of 24.3mm, it is designed for compact spaces.

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Additional information

Voltage & Speed:

6V DC 6,000RPM, 12V DC 6,000RPM, 24V DC 6,000RPM


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