25mm Gear Motor − 35mm Type Model NFP-JGA25-310

25mm Gear Motor − 35mm Type Model NFP-JGA25-310


25mm DC Geared Motors Small Volume Price (USD)

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Small Electric Gear DC Motors Performance

All micro gear motors are made of high-quality metal materials with good impact resistance, durability and low noise, thereby prolonging the service life of the gearbox. The output shaft is made of 1140 steel, which is more durable and more wear-resistant. Not easy to wear, stable output, fast heat dissipation and greater torque. Use imported bearings and high-quality carbon brushes.

Motor Model NFP-JGA25-310
Diameter 25mm
Shaft Diameter 4mm
Voltage Range 6V DC / 12V DC
No-load Speed 9rpm – 2,045rpm
No-load Current 0.3A – 0.06A
Power 0.9W – 1.8W
Rotation CW / CCW
Weight 60-70g


Model: NFP-JGA25-310-0640, 6V DC, 4,000RPM, 0.2W

Ratio No Load Rated Load Stall
i : 1 Speed Current Speed Current Torque Current Torque
4.4: 1 1022 rpm 0.03A 750 rpm 0.15A 0.05kg.cm 0.4A 0.16kg.cm
9.6: 1 468 rpm 0.03A 343 rpm 0.15A 0.12kg.cm 0.4A 0.38kg.cm
21.3: 1 211 rpm 0.03A 154 rpm 0.15A 0.28kg.cm 0.4A 0.85kg.cm
35: 1 128 rpm 0.03A 94 rpm 0.15A 0.36kg.cm 0.4A 1.2kg.cm
45: 1 100rpm 0.03A 73 rpm 0.15A 0.47kg.cm 0.4A 1.5kg.cm
78: 1 57 rpm 0.03A 42 rpm 0.15A 0.8kg.cm 0.4A 2.7kg.cm
103: 1 43 rpm 0.03A 32 rpm 0.15A 1.1kg.cm 0.4A 3.6kg.cm
171: 1 26 rpm 0.03A 19 rpm 0.15A 1.6kg.cm 0.4A 5.9kg.cm
226: 1 20 rpm 0.03A 14 rpm 0.15A 2.2kg.cm 0.4A 7.9kg.cm
377: 1 12 rpm 0.03A 8.5 rpm 0.15A 3.5kg.cm 0.4A 12.2kg.cm
500: 1 9 rpm 0.03A 6.5 rpm 0.15A 4.5kg.cm 0.4A 16.2kg.cm


Model: NFP-JGA25-310-1280, 12V DC, 8,000RPM, 0.9W

Ratio No Load Rated Load Stall
i : 1 Speed Current Speed Current Torque Current Torque
4.4: 1 2045 rpm 0.06A 1500 rpm 0.3A 0.11kg.cm 0.9A 0.36kg.cm
9.6: 1 937 rpm 0.06A 687 rpm 0.3A 0.23kg.cm 0.9A 0.8kg.cm
21.3: 1 422 rpm 0.06A 310 rpm 0.3A 0.45kg.cm 0.9A 1.8kg.cm
35: 1 257 rpm 0.06A 188 rpm 0.3A 0.74kg.cm 0.9A 2.5kg.cm
45: 1 200 rpm 0.06A 146 rpm 0.3A 0.95kg.cm 0.9A 3.3kg.cm
78: 1 115 rpm 0.06A 84 rpm 0.3A 1.64kg.cm 0.9A 5.7kg.cm
103: 1 87 rpm 0.06A 64 rpm 0.3A 2.2kg.cm 0.9A 7.5kg.cm
171: 1 52 rpm 0.06A 38 rpm 0.3A 3.5kg.cm 0.9A 12.6kg.cm
226: 1 40 rpm 0.06A 29 rpm 0.3A 4.7kg.cm 0.9A 16.6kg.cm
377: 1 24 rpm 0.06A 17 rpm 0.3A 7.3kg.cm 0.9A 25.7kg.cm
500: 1 18 rpm 0.06A 13 rpm 0.3A 9kg.cm 0.9A 34kg.cm


25mm Diameter Small DC Gear Motor Outline Drawing

High-quality bearing steel reduces the friction between the roller and the shaft wall, has a higher speed, is not easy to get hot, has high load resistance, and is not easy to fade and rust. NFP-Motor adopts a high-precision rotor, which is made of high-quality materials for one-time forming rotors, with high conductivity, long wear life, high temperature resistance, and stable speed.

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6V 9rpm, 6V 12rpm, 6V 20rpm, 6V 26rpm, 6V 43rpm, 6V 57rpm, 6V 100rpm, 6V 128rpm, 6V 211rpm, 6V 468rpm, 6V 1022rpm, 12V 18rpm, 12V 24rpm, 12V 40rpm, 12V 52rpm, 12V 87rpm, 12V 115rpm, 12V 200rpm, 12V 257rpm, 12V 422rpm, 12V 937rpm, 12V 2045rpm


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