35mm Coreless DC Motor – 53mm Type Model NFP-D3552RC

35mm Coreless DC Motor – 53mm Type Model NFP-D3552RC


Notice: this motor model need to make new ones that would take extra 2-3weeks.

24V Coreless Graphite Motor Small Volume Price (USD)

1+ $100.00
100+ $55.2
1000+ $52.5

Contact us for a quotation for production quantities, customizations and integration.

Φ35 Micro 12V 24V DC Coreless Graphite Motor Data Sheet

Model NFP-D3552RC-1290 NFP-D3552RC-2465 NFP-D3552RC-2470
Rated Voltage 12V DC 24V DC 24V DC
No-load Speed 9,000rpm 6,500rpm 7,000rpm
No-load Current ≤ 260mA ≤ 90mA ≤ 90mA
Nominal Speed 8,410rpm 5,680rpm 6,300rpm
Nominal Torque 22mNm 32.5mNm 31.4mNm
Nominal Current 1.97A 1.03A 1.06A
Stall Torque 336.2mNm 257.2mNm 311.4mNm
Stall Current 26.7A 7.4A 9.6A
Max Efficiency 82% 78% 81%
Terminal Resistance 0.45Ω 3.25Ω 2.5Ω
Torque Constant 12.48mNm/A 34.56mNm/A 32.09mNm/A
Speed Constant 750rpm/V 271rpm/V 292rpm/V


Replenish Parameters
Weight 220g
Working temperature range -10℃ – 40℃
Max permissible winding temperature 80℃
Max permissible speed 10,000rpm
Number of the pole paris 1
Number of the commutator segments 13


35mm Diameter Coreless Driving DC Motor Outline Drawing

Small Coreless Motor Performance Curve

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Additional information


NFP-3552RC-1290, NFP-3552RC-2465, NFP-3552RC-2470


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