37mm Vibration Motor – 57mm Type Model NFP-DH555-F

37mm Vibration Motor – 57mm Type Model NFP-DH555-F


555 Big ERM Vibration Motor Small Volume Price (USD)

1+ $14.50
10+ $8.50
50+ $8.30
100+ $7.50
500+ $4.20

Contact us for a quotation for production quantities, customizations and integration.

RS 555SH DC Motor Vibration Motor Data Sheet

The total length of the strong vibration motor is 90mm, the outer diameter of the vibrating head is 33.5mm, and the thickness is 9mm. The fan-shaped double vibrating head has a greater vibration compared to a circular shape, weighs 280g. Double heads vibration motors with 2 eccentric metal vibration heads.

Motor Model NFP-DH555-F
Voltage Options 6V DC / 12V DC / 24V DC
Speed Options 4,000RPM / 8,000RPM
Eccentric Rotating Mass Double Iron Fan Shape Heads
No-load Current 0.3 – 0.45A
On-load Current 0.7 – 0.9A
Rated Power 15W
Weight 280g


Double Heads Vibration Motor Outline Drawing

The eccentric rotating mass motor works like a standard DC electric vibration motor— it transforms the flow of electrical current right into a mechanical pressure that turns the motor. Unlike a lot of DC motors, the ERM motor additionally has an off-center mass. For this reason the turning of the off-center mass creates an asymmetric centripetal force, a non-zero centrifugal force is produced when the motor turns.


Fan Shape ERM Vibration Motor Mass Production


Model NFP-DH555 Big Amplitude Motor Mounting Bracket

As long as the motor runs at a high variety of turnings each minute, the constant variation of the pressure generates a perceivable side vibration. This kind of vibration motor can be used in aircraft model and massager or other projects which need vibration function. It is widely used in electric toy, hair dryers, dust cleaner, electrical tools, auto antenna, home appliances, communication equipment, toys moulding, massage machines, etc.


Contact Us If You Want A Custom Design RS-555SH Motor Like Below

The following small vibration motor rs555sh type that have a 5 inch pigtail terminated with a DT04-2P connector. Pin 1-power, Pin 2-ground. If you want the vibration motors with other connectors you can contact us.


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Additional information

Voltage & Speed

6V DC 4,000RPM, 12V DC 4,000RPM, 12V DC 8,000RPM, 24V DC 8,000RPM


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