3mm Vibration Motor − 8mm Type Model NFP-3C-03208B

3mm Vibration Motor − 8mm Type Model NFP-3C-03208B


3mm Smallest Vibration Motor Small Volume Price (USD)

1+ $5.00
100+ $0.99
1,000+ $0.85

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3.2mm Vibration Motor Smallest Pager Motor Performance

  • These little motors have eccentric weights that make them vibrate when they spin. Like our pager motors, but bigger and stronger.
  • What to do with them? We use motors just like this (but with longer leads) for the engraving attachment for the Eggbot kit.
  • They're also the perfect thing for making vibrobots, BEAM bots, and other little robots!
  • They have wire leads attached that are color coded and have 2 mm pre-stripped and tinned ends.
Motor Model NFP-3C-03208B
Rated Voltage 3.0V DC
Operating Voltage 2.5V − 3.6V
Rated Speed 16,000 ± 3,000RPM
Rated Current 90mA
Stall Current 120mA
Start Voltage 2.4V DC
Lifetime 0.5s on(C.W), 0.5s off, 100,000 cycles
Amplitude 0.85G
Output Shaft Length 6mm ± 0.3mm
Motor Diameter 17.0mm – 0.05mm


3mm Cylindrical Vibration DC Motor ERM Type Outline Drawing

  • 3mm diameter small vibration motor can be integrated into a device, operators can rely on the sense of touch, no longer requiring line of sight or high volume.
  • Eccentric Rotating Mass vibration motors, also commonly known as ERMs or pager motors, make up our main product lines.
  • They shot to popularity with use in pagers and have grown alongside the mobile / cell phone industry, where they are still extremely popular in pager motors.
  • Now there are a wide range of applications that use these tiny vibration motors to offer vibration alert notifications and haptic feedback.


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