42mm 775 Brushed DC Motor − 66mm Type Model NFP-775-8511SF-R/94

42mm 775 Brushed DC Motor − 66mm Type Model NFP-775-8511SF-R/94


Notice: this motor model need to make new ones that would take extra 1-2weeks.

RS 775 Brushed DC Motor Small Volume Price (USD)

1+ $15.00
10+ $10.00
50+ $8.00
100+ $6.50
500+ $5.35

Contact us for a quotation for production quantities, customizations and integration.

Φ42mm RS-775 DC Electric Motor Data Sheet

High Power | Large Torque | Low Noise

Motor Model NFP-775-8511SF-R/94
Rated Voltage 12V DC
Rated Out Power 177W
No-load Speed 1,6000 rpm
No-load Current 3.5A
Start Torque 10.4kg.cm

Micro brush dc motors using for drill garden electrical tool, ball bearing motor. With copper wire production, durable for using. It's easy to weld wire and install. Construction for long-lasting performance. The rs 775sh motor is applied to power tools, drill, circular saw, garden tool, fans, cleaners, etc.

RS 775 DC Brushed Motor Outline Drawing

The front end of the motor ball bearing, large torque, low noise.


Performance Table

Parameters Locked Rotor Max – Torque Max – Efficiency Max – W(out)
Speed (R.P.M) 0 0 14225 8097
Current (Amps) 145.850 145.850 20.170 74.312
Torque (Kg.cm) 10.417 10.417 1.217 5.171
Efficiency(%) 0.00 0.00 74.59 48.89
Out Power (W out) 0.0000 0.0000 177.7851 430.0151
In Power (W in) 1726.148 1726.148 238.350 879.489


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