44mm 775 DC Motor − 66mm Model NFP-RC-775SHP-7413-95F

44mm 775 DC Motor − 66mm Model NFP-RC-775SHP-7413-95F


Notice: this motor model need to make new ones that would take extra 1-2weeks.

RS-775 DC Brushed Motor Small Volume Price (USD)

1+ $15.00
100+ $6.50
1,000+ $3.95

Contact us for a quotation for production quantities, customizations and integration.


Large Torque RS 775 Brushed DC Electric Motor Data Sheet

The 775 dc electric motor is the most widely used brushed DC motor. There are two types of oil-containing bearings and ball bearings. If you particularly need the Johnson electric 775 motor with ball bearings, you can contact us through the bottom form. All the parameters of the motor can be customized. Customizations including current, voltage, shaft length, whether to be equipped with gears. The torque of the RS 775 dc electric motor is big enough, 12V DC, 166W, 8.13kg.cm, 3.0A.

Motor Model NFP-RC-775SHP-7413-95F With Gears Installed
Rated voltage 12V DC
Rated load 500g.cm
Direction of rotation CCW
Operating voltage range DC 4.0 − 18.0V DC
No-load speed 1,5500 rpm ± 10%
No-load current 2.5A max
Rated load speed 13,200 rpm ± 10%
Rated load current 10A max
Starting voltage 2.0V max
Stall current 40.0A max
Stall torque 3,300g.cm/min


High Power Low Noise 775 Motor Dimension Outline Drawing


RC 775 Performance Motor Performance Curve


RS-775 Brushed DC Motor With Gears Using In Trim Tab System

High toque rs-775 motor with gears that can drive the shelf up and down linear reciprocating motion, learn more...
775-electric-dc-motor-used-for-trim tab systems-hydraulic and electric

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