4mm Vibration Motor − 7mm Type Model NFP-RF2323

4mm Vibration Motor − 7mm Type Model NFP-RF2323


SMD Mini Vibration Motor Small Volume Price (USD)

1+ $5.00
100+ $1.52
1,000+ $0.85

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Surface-Mountable Vibrating Device Data Sheet

Our SMT, surface mount vibration motors are packaged on tape / reels of 1000 pieces per reel and are designed to be pick-and-placed directly from the reel. They are an excellent choice for high volume mass production. They have a "core" which allows them to withstand the high temperatures associated with the reflow soldering process.

Motor Model NFP-RF2323 PCB Type
Vibrator Positioning Horizontal
Operating Voltage 2.7V
Operating Voltage Range 2.3 – 3.2V
Load Current at Operating Voltage 75mA Max
Starting Current at Operating Voltage 90mA Max
Insulation Resistance and Voltage Break Down at 50V DC, 1MΩ Min and above
Terminal Resistance 33.0 ± 3.0Ω
Load Speed 14000 ± 3000 rpm
Rotation Direction C.W. & C.C.W
RPM Rise Time 60ms Max
RPM Fall Time 80ms Max


Tiny Vibration Motor SMT / SMD Outline Drawing

These SMD vibrator motors can be damaged by excessive heat. Please be sure to follow the reflow oven temperature profile found in the motors data sheet. If these motors will be hand soldered ( ie. making prototypes ), do not use flux and use a low wattage iron for as short a time period as possible. Please note that these vibration motors CAN NOT be washed.


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