7mm Coin Vibration Motor − 2mm Type Model NFP-C0720

7mm Coin Vibration Motor − 2mm Type Model NFP-C0720


Φ7mm Coin Vibration Motor Small Volume Price (USD)

1+ $3.00
100+ $1.20
1,000+ $0.93

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Φ7mm Coin Vibration Motor For Light Weight Wearable Devices

The NFP-C0720 model uses a 3V DC power supply, has a small size and a closed vibration mechanism, making it suitable for lightweight wearable devices and easy to install.

Motor Model NFP-C0720B / P/N C0720B015F
Motor Diameter 7.0mm ± 0.1mm
Motor Thickness 2.0mm ± 0.1mm
Rated Voltage 3.0V DC
Voltage Range 2.7V – 3.3V
Rated Vibration Speed 10,000rpm min
Rated Current 85mA max
Starting Voltage 2.3V DC max
Wire Length 50mm
Rotation CW / CCW
Operating Environment -20~60°C
Storage Environment -30~70°C
Typical Norm. Amplitude 0.8G


7mm Diameter Coin Vibration Motor Outline Drawing

Designed for light wearable devices such as fitness tracker, wearable twist, medical devices.


Coin Vibration Motor Mass Production

Engineering samples are available before bulk ordering.


7mm Vibration Motor Using In Pavlok 3 Pro


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  1. Achal Patel

    Small vibration motor works perfectly as expected, small and practical, perfect for my projects, great product!

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