8mm Coreless DC Motor – 20mm Type Model NFP-D8620-3665

8mm Coreless DC Motor – 20mm Type Model NFP-D8620-3665


Notice: this motor model need to make new ones that would take extra 1-2weeks.

8mm Coreless DC Motor Small Volume Price (USD)

1+ $8.00
100+ $2.65
1000+ $1.90

Contact us for a quotation for production quantities, customizations and integration.

20mm Length Micro DC Coreless Motor Data Sheets

Model NFP-D8620-3665-1-3.4 NFP-D8620-3665-2-3.4 NFP-D8620-3665-3-7.4
Voltage 3.4V DC 3.4V 7.4V
Terminal Resistance 0.4Ω 0.2Ω 1Ω
No-load Speed 44000rpm 51500rpm 46000rpm
No-load Current <135mA <205mA <140mA
Stall Torque 64.6 g.cm 89.36 g.cm 108.8 g.cm
Stall Current 9390mA 15180mA 7410mA
Max Output Power 7.293W 11.807W 12.841W
Max Efficiency 73% 73% 72%
Torque Constant 7 g.cm/A 6 g.cm/A 15 g.cm/A
Rotor Inertia <0.15 g.cm² <0.15 g.cm² <0.15 g.cm²
Weight 5.3g 5.3g 5.3g


8.6mm Diameter Coreless DC Motor Outline Drawing


coreless motor amazon, 8.5 x 20mm coreless motor

Additional information

Voltage & Speed

3.4V, 44000RPM, 3.4V, 51500RPM, 7.4V, 46000RPM


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