8mm Micro Coin Vibration Motor − 2mm Type Model NFP-C0820

8mm Micro Coin Vibration Motor − 2mm Type Model NFP-C0820


Φ8mm DC Vibration Motor Small Volume Price (USD)

1+ $3.00
100+ $1.20
1,000+ $0.99

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8mm Diameter Mini Flat Coin Button Vibration Motor Data Sheet

  • Wire Connection: Red wire for connecting positive pole, blue wire for negative pole.
  • Stable performance, cost-effective price.
  • Custom wire length of the coin button vibration motor.
  • With or without 3M double side stick, black foam placing locations.
Motor Model NFP-C0820L
Motor Diameter 8mm
Motor Thickness 2.2mm
Rated Voltage 3V DC
Rated Speed 13000 ± 2500rpm min
Rated Current 80mA Max
Rotation CW or CCW
Starting Voltage 2.3V DC Max
Vibration Force 0.55G


3V DC 2mm Thickness Pancake Vibration Motor Outline Drawing


Coin / Pancake Vibration Motors Mass Production

Flat Coin Type Vibration Motors Applications

This 8mm diameter coin motor can be used in cell phone, massager, DIY toys, health care products, RFID scanners, artwork, electronic products, medical equipment, tablet, wearable devices, smart watches that requires vibration feedback for alerting instead of physical buttons, fitness trackers (used to provide discrete alerts, alarms or haptic feedback).

The 3v coin vibration motor is used in electronic cigarettes and has a reminder function. When the cigarette butt is burned, it will vibrate and flash to remind you that it can be used.


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