8mm Micro Coin Vibration Motor − 3mm Type Model NFP-C0830

8mm Micro Coin Vibration Motor − 3mm Type Model NFP-C0830


Φ8mm Flat Vibration Motors Small Volume Price (USD)

1+ $3.00
100+ $0.99
1,000+ $0.85

Contact us for a quotation for production quantities, customizations and integration such as custom wire length or with JST/ Molex connectors.

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Φ8mm Phone Vibration Motor Used for E-Cigarette Performance

3V DC, 8mm mini vibration motor best choice for E-Cigarette. 3mm thickness, wire length type, small order or mass production available, OEM, ODM support.
Due to their small size and enclosed vibration mechanism, coin vibrating motors are a popular choice for many different applications. Contact us for a quotation for production quantities, customizations and integration by the bottom form.

Motor Model NFP-C0830
Motor Diameter 8mm
Motor Thickness 3mm
Rated Voltage 3.0V DC
Operating Voltage 2.7 − 3.3V
Rated Speed 12,000rpm
Rated Current 100mA max
Nominal Amplitude Vibe Force 0.7G


Micro Flat Vibration Motor 3mm Thickness 3V DC Outline Drawing

A coin vibration motor may be used in applications such as smart watches, fitness trackers and other wearable devices. They are commonly used to provide the user with discrete alerts, alarms or haptic feedback.


We can supply our vibration motor with a variety of connectors, spring contacts, FPC or with bare contact pads. We can also design a custom FPC for your application. If your application requires it, foam pads of varying thicknesses and/or double stick tape tape may also be added.
Coin motor vibration dc motor cellphone motor 0830. Best Quality for 3.0V DC Micro Coin Vibration Motors (NFP-C0830) is widely used for Mobile Phone, Cell Phone, Pager, Personal care, Health product equipment, Adult Products, Sex Toys, Sex product, Vibrator, Dental equipment, Electric Toothbrush, Fire security systems, Beauty product, Massager, Massage Rod, Eye Massager, Body Massager, etc.

3V Coin Vibration Motors Using In Restless Legs Device

People with restless legs must move their legs to eliminate the tingling. MEDZOCK simulates this movement through vibration technology. When you relax, your body gets the "feel" of movement. Learn more...


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